Protection of clearances

Clearances protection

We specialize in the installation of clearance protections between engineering structures. This protection is carried out using appropriate technological solutions selected individually for each structure. We carry out tasks comprehensively, starting from the execution of designs, through implementation, installation of nets and shields. Our product/service range includes horizontal protection (nets) and vertical protection (electric shock shields). Their main purpose is to protect people against falls from heights. These protections are particularly applicable in places where there is no adequate lighting.

Why us?

We have the largest experience in the country in implementing contacts for the protection of clearances between engineering structures. Our credibility has been confirmed by numerous references for works performed for various contracting authorities. Starting from construction contracting companies to the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. We have received positive references from GDDKiA Division in Poznań in connection with the execution of security measures on the roads A2, DK25, S11, S8, S5.


For many years, our projects and orders have been highly appreciated by our clients. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with photos of our selected projects.

S17 Góraszka-Kołbiel

S17 Góraszka-Kołbiel

The investment on the S17 road was executed under the “design and build” principles. It also included reconstruction of existing…

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Atrium Copernicus

Atrium Copernicus

As part of the expansion of Atrium Copernicus in Toruń, TIOMAN manufactured, delivered and installed road safety elements for the…

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Independence Avenue (Aleja Niepodległości) in Bialystok

Independence Avenue (Aleja Niepodległości) in Bialystok

The construction of Independence Avenue is one of the most important and largest road investments completed in Białystok in recent…

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