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We are a manufacturer who offers the best quality large-surface boards on the Polish market. We pay a lot of attention to make sure that the boards made by us meet the requirements set by law. We offer E boards (direction and location signs), F boards (supplementary large-size signs) and others. We also manufacture the highest quality advertising boards and EU boards.

Our offer includes boards covered with I, II and III generation film. Additionally, we offer a number of reflective foils with different parameters, e.g. made in prismatic or anti-scatter technology. Most boards of this type are made of steel, however, according to your wishes, we can make them of aluminum.


The main purpose of direction and location signs is to navigate drivers to specific locations, objects or tourist attractions. We can also use them to read the course of roads and their numbering. E-type signs are used to show the way to a city district, an airport, the nearest port or museum, etc.

Our offer includes, among others:

  • Pre-road sign E-1, E-1a/b 
  • E-2a-f, E-3, E-4 signposts giving the direction and distance to a given location
  • E-5, E-6, E-6a-c, E-7, E-8, E-9, E-10, E-11, E-12, E-12a signposts directing us to the airport, railway station or ferry port etc.
  • E-15a, E-15b, E-15c, E-15d, E-16 boards indicating the road number
  • E-17a/E-18a boards indicating entry to and exit from towns
  • E-19a – indicating the direction to the ring road of the city, and also E-20, E-21, E-22a-c boards

and many others!


EU boards are placed as part of the implementation of EU programmes. Usually made of aluminum or steel sheet, covered with foil. Each board contains an appropriate, individualized content, which includes the name of the project, the investment cost, the purpose of the project, the beneficiaries and other information.

The EU boards you will find, include:

  • memorial boards
  • information boards
  • external and internal boards

Advertisement boards are made by us to order, which means full freedom as to the content and technique of their implementation. We make ready-made projects according to the client’s instructions.


For many years, our projects and orders have been high appreciated by our clients. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with photos of our selected projects.

S17 Góraszka-Kołbiel

S17 Góraszka-Kołbiel

The investment on the S17 road was executed under the “design and build” principles. It also included reconstruction of existing…

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Atrium Copernicus

Atrium Copernicus

As part of the expansion of Atrium Copernicus in Toruń, TIOMAN manufactured, delivered and installed road safety elements for the…

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Independence Avenue (Aleja Niepodległości) in Bialystok

Independence Avenue (Aleja Niepodległości) in Bialystok

The construction of Independence Avenue is one of the most important and largest road investments completed in Białystok in recent…

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