Active signs and road electronics


Active road signs (also known as pulse signs or LED signs) are highly effective in improving road safety. They are particularly important for ensuring the safety of pedestrians. They are most often used in places that require drivers to pay more attention to particular aspects of the road, such as pedestrian crossings.

Thanks to our experience in the comprehensive production of active signage, we are able to offer a product that not only meets the requirements of the law, but also ensures the greatest possible safety to road users.

Our offer includes LED active signs:

• Pedestrian crossing (D-6 active LED)
• Speed limit (B-33 active LED)
• STOP (B-20 active LED)
• Directional signs (U-3a, U-3b active LED)

and many others. We have the ability to make any sign equipped with active LED technology.


We adapt the power supply system for active signage to the needs of our clients. Our range of solutions includes solar, wind, hybrid, mains and buffer power supplies.

Many years of experience in the production of active signage allows us to offer high quality products refined in every respect and ensuring continuity of operation in all weather conditions.


Radar with speed display helps ensure safety on major city roads and national highways. With an accurate speed measurement, drivers know when they need to slow down. The product not only informs drivers when they break the law, but also provides an overall analysis of driving behavior in the area.

The functions of the radar with speed display can be set mobile via bluetooth devices. This allows you to adjust the options at any time. With a special application, speed measurements are saved and can be analyzed in a spreadsheet.

It is possible to customize the appearance of the display housing.


For many years, our projects and orders have been highly appreciated by our clients. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with photos of our selected projects.

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