BRD equipment

Posts and pylons

Road bollards, edge posts and pylons are also a permanent element of road architecture and are also available in our offer. We are able to provide the following:
• U-1a and U-1b guide poles (also hinged)
• U-2 bordering poles to outline the geometry of intersections (both metal and PVC poles)
• U-5a and U-5b traffic pylons combined with a C-9 sign or others
• U-12c safety poles with a set of chains (to be installed with concrete or on a metal footing)


The U-19 anti-glare shields are used on dual roadways where there is heavy traffic and an increased risk of dazzling from the headlights of vehicles approaching from the opposite direction. The shields prevent reflection of the light and its falling on the windscreen of another car, which directly affects the comfort of driving, especially at night.

In our offer you can find shields with dimensions of both 900 mm and 1200 mm.

Speed bumps, road bay separators

We offer a wide range of speed bumps, road separators and parking separators. These products increase safety on busy roads with increased pedestrian activity. Our products feature a very simple assembly system using anchors, which can also be found in our offer.

We sell blast speed bumps, linear speed bumps, island speed bumps, plate speed bumps and even point speed bumps. All of them come in various sizes, which makes it possible to install them on any type of road.

Road and parking separators make it possible to separate traffic lanes limiting the possibility of dangerous maneuvers, and the installation of parking separators will make it possible to protect parked vehicles against hitting a nearby barrier, another vehicle or a very high curb.

Hatched areas available in our offer are elements used mainly to secure pedestrian crossings or to “cordon off” traffic zones. Hatched areas are often referred to as traffic islands, placed firmly to the ground, they ensure the safety of pedestrians, forcing drivers to be careful in a specific area.

Energy shields

The u-15b energy shield is one of the elements of road safety maintenance, used at exits from motorways, exits from city roads, express roads or at interstitial sections that are extensions of public roads.

The purpose of the u-15b energy barrier is to absorb the motion (kinetic) energy of a vehicle that hits it. This helps to reduce the consequences of collisions and road accidents, ensuring increased safety on the road.

TIOMAN, the manufacturer of u-15b energy shields, manufactures its products from durable polyethylene, which is insensitive to UV rays, low temperatures and moisture.

Signal trailers

Thanks to our signal trailers, you will secure road work sites and provide adequate safety to your employees. Our product is characterized by easy assembly to various vehicles and meeting the requirements of the Minister of Infrastructure.

The construction of the trailer is galvanized, which increases resistance to weather conditions. The trailer is equipped with feet to set on any surface. It is possible to equip the trailer with a rectifier.

Our offer includes the following trailers:

  • U-26a – for use on national roads, expressways and motorways – the most popular due to its versatility of use

  • U-26c – a smaller version of the trailer, for use on other roads

  • U-27 – with an early warning board with the possibility of using up to 3 different road signs


For many years, our projects and orders have been highly appreciated by our clients. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with photos of our selected projects.

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