Supporting structures

Openwork gantries

Openwork gantries are usually lighter than full gantries. A hot-dip galvanized construction increases resistance to rain, frost and corrosion. We will draw up a suitable gantry design for you before constructing it, to maximize the efficiency of the structure.

Openwork structures are also characterized by extended assembly possibilities, due to a greater number of elements and the space between them.

One of the most important advantages of openwork gantries is the high energy consumption coefficient that translates directly into the safety of road users.

Solid gantries

Gantry structures erected on roads are meant to carry large-size signs and other heavy elements. Therefore, their manufacture must be preceded by the preparation of an appropriate design.

We will offer you an individualized design of the gantry, so that the product can perfectly fulfill its purpose. We take into account wind, weather and situational factors.

Solid gantries differ from openwork gantries mainly because they are made of fewer elements, which results in a shorter manufacturing time. All our gantries are protected by hot-dip galvanizing, which significantly improves their resistance to atmospheric factors and the corrosion process.


The steel booms we offer are constructions planned in detail in terms of size, load capacity, strength, materials used and practical application aspects. Their main task is to support road and information signs of above-average size, most often used on motorways and expressways.

Our offer includes tubular, openwork and full-profile booms.

Thanks to the durable system of concreting the boom to the ground, our product is extremely resistant to wind blasts or impacts. On our structures, you can mount not only road signs but also VMS signs, active signage of any category and many others.

Grating legs

Grating legs, road trusses, as one of the elements of stable, reliable support structures are used to mount information signs. Road signage has a number of requirements to meet, first of all it must be fixed reliably and permanently, minimizing the risk of damage.

Trusses are strictly tested for strength. Thanks to the tests carried out, the road trusses are adapted in construction and material to the size and weight of the sign they support.


For many years, our projects and orders have been highly appreciated by our clients. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with photos of our selected projects.

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