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We are the leading manufacturer of vertical signage in Poland. Our offer includes warning, prohibition, regulation and information signs, as well as supplementary signs, but we are also able to manufacture non-standard signs with any content.

When carrying out complex projects, we can also offer a comprehensive production of large-size signs, which you can read more about HERE.
In order to provide road users with appropriate navigational qualities and excellent visibility, we make signs covered with I, II and III generation film. In addition, we offer a number of reflective films with different parameters, such as made with prismatic or anti-scatter technology.

It is up to you whether your signs will be made of steel or aluminum. Due to the fragmented production process, nothing stands in the way of ordering just the reflective foil or just the backing for the sign from us. Our advisors will help to realize your order according to your needs!

Warning signs

The main task of warning signs is to warn drivers of dangerous places on the road. At the same time, these signs oblige road users to be extra cautious once they have passed them. Thanks to these signs, drivers can prepare for dangerous road conditions and adjust their speed accordingly.

The warning signs are triangular in shape with a yellow background and a red border and come in the following sizes

Character size group Side length (mm)
large* 1200
large 1050
medium 900
small* 750
mini* 600

*Except for the A-7 sign, which comes in medium and large sizes only.

We offer warning signs

A-1 bend to right
A-2 bend to left
A-3 double bend first to right
A-4 double bend first to left
A-5 intersection
A-6a staggered
A-6b side road – right
A-6c side road – left
A-6d traffic merges from the right
A-6e traffic merges from the left
A-7 give way
A-8 roundabout
A-9 level crossing with a gate or
A-10 level crossing without a gate or barrier
A-11 uneven road
A-11 speed bump
A-12a road narrows on both sides
A-12b road narrows on right
A-12c road narrows on left
A-13 opening or swing bridge
A-14 road works
A-15 slippery road
A-16 zebra crossing
A-17 children
A-18a livestock
A-18b wildlife
A-19 side wind
A-20 two-way traffic
A-21 warning of trams crossing the road ahead
A-22 dangerous exit
A-23 steep hill
A-24 cyclists
A-25 risk of falling or fallen rocks
A-26 airport
A-27 quayside or river bank
A-28 loose gravel
A-29 traffic lights
A-30 other hazard
A-31 dangerous roadside
A-32 roadway icing
A-33 road blockage
A-34 road accident

Prohibition signs

Prohibition signs are intended to enrich our knowledge of what is prohibited on the road. White discs with a red border will help us avoid a speeding ticket, tell us to stop the vehicle we are driving at a dangerous intersection or prohibit a turning maneuver. All in the interests of our safety.

The prohibition signs are available in the following dimensions

Size group Diameter (mm)
large 1000
large 900
medium 800
small 600
mini 400

We offer prohibition signs

B-1 no entry for vehicular traffic
B-2 no entry
B-3 no motor vehicles except solo motorcycles
B-3a no buses
B-4 no solo motorcycles
B-5 no trucks
B-6 no agricultural tractors
B-7 no vehicles with trailers
B-8 no horse-drawn vehicles
B-9 no bicycles
B-10 no mopeds
B-11 no bicycle trolleys
B-12 no handcarts
B-13 no vehicles with explosive or inflammable materials
B-13a no vehicles with hazardous materials
B-14 no vehicles with materials that may contaminate water
B-15 no vehicles over width of 2 m
B-16 no vehicles over height of 3.5 m
B-17 no vehicles over length of 6 m
B-18 no vehicles over gross weight of 7 t
B-19 no vehicles over axle load of 5 t
B-20 stop
B-21 no left turn
B-22 nor right turn
B-23 no u-turn
B-24 end of prohibition of u-turn-25 no overtaking
B-26 no overtaking by lorries
B-27 end of prohibition of overtaking
B-28 end of prohibition of overtaking by lorries
B-29 no horn
B-30 end of prohibition of using horns
B-31 give way to oncoming traffic
B-32 stop – customs control
B-33 speed limit
B-34 end of speed limit
B-35 no parking
B-36 no stopping
B-37 no parking on odd days
B-38 no parking on even days
B-39 restricted parking zone
B-40 end of the restricted parking zone
B-41 no pedestrians
B-42 end of all prohibitions
B-43 restricted speed zone
B-44 end of the restricted speed zone

regulation signs

Thanks to the signs we offer, road users know what maneuver to make, and in which direction to go. They are essential to ensure the regularity of traffic, especially during rush hours. They can be seen on all roads, regardless of whether they are expressways, smaller municipal or communal roads.

Instruction signs are mostly circular in shape (except for the C-17 sign) and come in the following sizes

Size group Sign size (mm)
mini 400
small 600
medium 800
large 900
large 1000
C-17 900x1200

We offer command signs

C-1 turn right (before sign)
C-2 turn right (after sign)
C-3 turn left (before sign)
C-4 turn left (after sign)
C-5 drive straight
C-6 drive straight or right
C-7 drive straight or left
C-8 drive right or left
C-9 drive right of sign
C-10 drive left of sign
C-11 drive right or left of sign
C-12 circular traffic
C-13 route for pedal cycles
C-13a end of route for pedal cycles
C-14 minimum speed
C-15 end of minimum speed
C-16 pedestrians
C-16a end of pedestrian way
C-17 driving direction for vehicles with hazardous materials
C-18 use anti-slide chains
C-19 end of anti-slide chains order

Information signs

Information signs are the largest group of vertical road signs. Their task is to inform us about zones or objects on the road. The role of information signs is to inform drivers about the end of the priority passage, the entrance to a built-up area or the distance to the nearest petrol station. Without them moving on the road would be much more difficult.

Below you will see a list of sizes of particular information signs

Size group Diameter (mm)
mini 400
small 600
medium 800
large 900
large 1000
C-17 900x1200

We offer information signs

D-1 road with priority
D-2 end of the road with priority
D-3 one-way road
D-4a no through road
D-4b entrance to no through road
D-5 priority on a narrow road
D-6 pedestrian crossing
D-6a bicycle crossing
D-6b pedestrian crossing and bicycle crossing
D-7 expressway
D-8 end of expressway
D-9 motorway
D-10 end of motorway
D-11 beginning of bus lane
D-12 bus lane
D-13 beginning of slow lane
D-14 end of lane
D-15 bus stop
D-16 trolleybus stop
D-17 tram stop
D-18 parking
D-18a parking – restricted space
D-18b roofed parking
D-19 taxi rank
D-20 end of taxi rank
D-21 hospital
D-21a police
D-22 emergency dressing station
D-23 petrol station
D-23a petrol station with gas for vehicles only
D-24 telephone
D-39 speed limits
D-25 post office
D-26 service station
D-26a vulcanizing
D-26b car wash
D-26c public toilets
D-26d showers
D-27 buffet or café
D-28 restaurant
D-29 hotel (motel)
D-30 camping
D-31 camping with electrical connections for trailers
D-32 camping field
D-33 youth hostel
D-34 tourist information point
D-34a radio traffic information
D-35 pedestrian underpass
D-35a down escalator
D-36 pedestrian overpass
D-36a up escalator
D-37 tunnel
D-38 end of tunnel
D-40 residential zone
D-41 end of residential zone
D-42 built-up area
D-43 end of built-up area
D-44 parking zone
D-45 end of parking zone
D-46 internal road
D-47 end of internal road
D-48 change of priority
D-49 toll

Supplementary Signs

Supplementary signs are not as common on roads as other signs, but they are just as important for road safety. We can see them while crossing state/province/county borders, among other things. They also allow drivers to move more efficiently on multilane roads, thanks to the indication of the direction of each lane. Their graphics are often unconventional, which proves their exceptional importance for road traffic.


F-1 border crossing
F-2 no border crossing
F-3 administrative area limits
F-4 name of the river
F-5 warning of prohibition
F-6 warning sign placed before the crossing
F-7 direction in connection with prohibition of turning left
F-8 detour due to road closure
F-9 detour road guide sign
F-10 multilane directions
F-11 lane directions
F-12 transit way sign placed before intersection
F-13 transit
F-14a motorway indicator sign placed 300 m before exit lane
F-14b motorway indicator sign placed 200 m before exit lane
F-14c motorway indicator sign placed 100 m before exit lane
F-15 asymmetrical division of roadway for opposite directions of traffic
F-16 end of lane on two-way roadway
F-17 end of lane on one-way roadway
F-18 opposite direction for specified vehicles
F-19 cycle lane
F-20 part of road (lane) for specified vehicles
F-21 traffic diverted to adjacent roadway
F-22 lane restrictions

Traffic sign plates

Which road at a complicated intersection has priority? What distance is left to a dangerous turn? Is there a fee for this parking zone? Do I risk being towed if I park here?

All these questions, as well as many others, will be answered by our traffic sign plates such as T-1, T-6a T-23, which are often an integral part of the basic traffic signage.

We offer plates for road signs

T-1 plate indicating the distance of the warning sign from the dangerous spot
T-1a plate indicating the distance of the information sign from the beginning (end) of the road or lane
T-2 plate indicating the length of the road section on which the danger repeats or occurs
T-3 plate indicating the end of the section on which danger repeats or occurs
T-3a plate indicating the end of the place designated for parking
T-4 plate indicating the number of bends
T-5 plate indicating the beginning of the winding road
T-6a plate indicating the actual course of the priority road through an intersection (to be placed on the priority road)
T-6b plate indicating the layout of subordinate roads (to be placed on the priority road)
T-6c plate indicating the actual course of priority road through an intersection (to be placed on the subordinate road)
T-7 plate indicating the layout of rails and road at level crossing
T-8 plate indicating the place where vehicular traffic is directed to tramway
T-9 plate indicating the actual road incline or rise
T-10 placard indicating a railway siding or similar track
T-11 plate indicating a ferry crossing
T-12 plate indicating a longitudinal surface fault
T-13 plate indicating a road section deformed by ruts
t-14 plate indicating the place of frequent accidents of the character indicated on the plate
T-15 plate indicating the place of frequent accidents caused by slippery road surface due to rain
T-16 plate indicating the exit of emergency vehicles indicated on the plate
T-17 plate indicating the state border
T-18 plate indicating an unexpected change of traffic direction with the course indicated on the plate
T-19 plate informing about the painting of horizontal signs
T-20 plate indicating the length of the roadway section where the prohibition applies
T-21 plate indicating the distance of the sign from the place where the prohibition applies
T-22 label indicating that the sign does not apply to solo bicycles
T-23a plate indicating motorcycles
T-23b label indicating trucks, special vehicles or vehicles intended for special purposes with a gross vehicle weight exceeding 3.5 t and motor tractors
T-23c plate indicating agricultural tractors
T-23d plate indicating motor vehicles with trailers
T-23e plate indicating vehicles with caravans
T-23f plate indicating buses
T-23g plate indicating trolleybuses
T-23g plate indicating vehicles with hazardous materials
T-23i plate indicating vehicles with explosive or flammable materials
T-23j plate indicating vehicles with water contaminating materials
T-24 plate indicating that the abandoned vehicle will be removed at the owner’s expense
T-25a plate indicating the start of the prohibition of parking or stopping
T-25b plate indicating the continuation of the prohibition of parking or stopping
T-25c plate indicating the end of the prohibition of parking or stopping
T-26 plate indicating the prohibition of parking or stopping applies to a side of the square
T-27 plate indicating that the pedestrian crossing is particularly frequented by children
T-28 plate indicating that a toll is charged for crossing the road
T-29 plate indicating spaces for vehicles carrying or driven by disabled persons with reduced mobility
T-30 placard indicating how to position the vehicle in relation to the edge of the road

Other signs

You can also find a whole range of other types of road traffic safety signs and devices in our offer, e.g

We offer other signs

• U-3a, U-3b, U-3c, U-3d direction signs etc.
• Road pylons U-5a, U-5b combined, U-5c (active version of U-5b)…
• Acrylic, polycarbonate road mirrors and similar.
• Road posts U-1a, U-1b, U-2
• Additional signs in front of level crossings (e.g. G-1a, G-3)
• Closing signs (e.g. U-26a, U-26b)
• Bicycle path signs


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