Variable message signs

MVMS LED mobile signs

MVMS, or mobile variable message sign, is a trailer on which LED matrices are placed to display selected road signs and messages using a proprietary application in the Polish language. This application is simple to use and intuitive. The user can use ready-made scenarios indicated by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. The MVMS sign can be operated in three ways: by computer, smartphone and tablet, which is added to the sign free of charge.
What distinguishes MVMS from Tioman?
A sturdy trailer, top quality LED optics, and exemplary technical support throughout the sign’s usable life! And most importantly, our MVMS are available “off the shelf”.

pvms prismatic signs

PVMS, or prismatic variable message sign, is capable of displaying up to three selected messages. Faultless rotation mechanisms of prisms and the highest quality of their lining make our PVMS widely appreciated by our clients. The operation of these signs is as easy and intuitive as the rest of our innovative products – all thanks to the application in which we can rotate the prisms. Ease of use, low failure rates and comprehensive support from the CID department make PVMS signs very popular with Tioman customers.

vms signs

VMS, or Variable Message Sign, is a product that really improves traffic management and makes drivers safer on the road, and their movement more efficient. These signs are capable of displaying a huge number of messages and traffic signs, thanks to the LED matrices used in them. Tioman’s VMS signs stand out in the market for the highest quality of components used in them, including LEDs. However, what our clients appreciate most, is the easy and intuitive use of the application that works on computers, tablets and phones. Our clients also receive free training on the use of VMS and the highest quality technical support.


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