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"Our employemnt has grown almost to times, in accordance to that, we're developing our company and with such possibilities we're building our brand and postion on a market." - explains Mr Grzegorz Kończalski, chairman of  Tioman sp. z. o.o. Sp.k. We encourage you to take a look at the material created by TVP3 Bydgoszcz.http://bydgoszcz.tvp.pl/27294932/biznes-w-podstrefach-ekonomicznych-sie-...
"What are the problems of businessman? Where to look for help in making sales and abroad contacs? That's the questions businessmen asked representatives of institutions for exporters. On Monday in Toruń businessman had an opportunity to ask exporters how effectively acquire new, abroad markets and where to look for help in exporting their goods". read moresource: www.strefabiznesu.pomorska.pl
"We'd like to gladly inform about new work places in our region, thanks to investments of companies Mellet Ltd. Kreis Pack, Tioman and Boryszew Automotive Plastics.. Companies are starting production in Bydgoszcz Industrial-technological park, Crystal Park in Łysomice and at the former terrain of Elana in Toruń..." source: www.coi.kujawsko-pomorskie.pl